The UK's Leading independent property service partner.


Designing a Web Application

Vibrant are the UK’s leading independent residential property service experts. They deliver a range of services to enhance owned and let properties covering all aspects of energy efficiency, compliance and property administration needs.

I was set the task to create an easy to use and stunning ERP Web application, which would run their everyday operation. The system is inspired by the Material Design language to help with both UI/UX properties. Following these rules made it more simple to provide a system that people can relate to and use in a few seconds.

I provided an iOS Application and an accompanying Web application that allow both on site staff and HQ Call centre to seamlessly interact and provide job schedules.

In addition to the internal facing systems, I have designed a client facing portal that used the same framework but with different permissions. This allowed clients to interact directly with the system to book jobs.

It was a huge challenge to understand Vibrant’s business, understand their workflow and to provide a solution that not only met their needs, but also the needs of their clients.

Client: Vibrant Energy Matters
Date: August 1, 2017
Services: Website, Design, UI/UX


Designing the website.

I designed their latest website, giving them a more modern look and increased interaction on the site by providing Call to Actions which allowed customers to navigate the site more easily.

For clients and customers, the website is the primary access point for the web application, requiring it to be not only presentable but also highly responsive.